My birthday is coming up,

Sunday, 22 September 2013

          With less than a week towards my birthday l'm taking time to look at the past so l can gain perspective of the present and a better hindsight of my future.
          l am able to celebrate like a rock star because everyday l experience a deeper level of love from my kids Nicole and Simba they fill me with joy.  Im proud to be their mom the love and bond we share is incomparable.
          I am also celebrating milestones like overcoming a painful past and being content with myself, personal growth and embracing a healthy, happy life.  It's a celebration of the all the things l have been able to achieve. lm looking forward to yet another year that is filled with all the goodness. Im expectant of experiencing a fulfilled life that is richer and surrounded with love.
          In terms of "the fear of getting older", the best analogy was when David a friend of mine came to visit me and without watching what was coming out of his mouth he blurts "You looking old". He totally took me by surprise however, after a few exchanges with him l came to the realization that lm actually not afraid to age. At the end of the day lm blessed, the older l get, the wiser, the stronger and the more desire l have to reach greater heights. Without beating around the bush let me spit it out, "like a good wine lm getting better with age".